The goal, to create something refreshingly unique; a company focused on storytelling that allows for the unification of modern day cinematic sensibilities all the while adhering to the demands and challenges of producing a live or multi-cam concert film.

In 2016, Veteran Executive Producer / Director, Mark A. Ritchie formed Sonic Films in response to an overwhelming demand for Cinematic Live Multi-Cam Concert Films and Music Specials.

Although Sonic may be new by name, Ritchie has spent over two decades working for the Music Industry, Feature Films, Commercials, Network Television and Live Broadcasts.

“Our mission is to act as that piece of connective tissue between an idea or vision, no matter how grand or intricate, and the actual execution of that story, with perfect precision.”

Sonic Films hand picks the most experienced entertainment veterans who have spent a lifetime producing Multi-Cam Concert Films and Live Television Events. The collective experience and dedication of these industry leaders is what continually sets us apart from the sea of mediocre multi-cam productions.

“If you’re looking to create the exceptional, the key is to surround yourself with an exceptional team. Our success can always be attributed to working along side people whom you believe in, and they believe in what you’re there to accomplish.”

Rather then being intimidated by change, Sonic is continually pushing towards the adaptation of new and emerging technologies and workflow. Embracing State Of The Art Super 35mm and hybrid 2/3” Camera systems, working in stunning 4k acquisition, and immersive 360 VR, is just part of our everyday process.

“Once you’ve filmed a concert live to a global audience in excess of 20 million viewers, while adopting techniques never before used in live production, you just stop being afraid… period!”

Ultimately, we have an insatiable passion for what we do. The people we surround ourselves have become our closest friends and extended family. Our ability and experience to work seamlessly with Talent, Labels, Tour Management, Lighting, Staging, & Audio are all just part of what we do to ensure the best possible experience, all the while crafting the perfect environment for a collaborative and stress free environment.